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Melissa Freeman is an Australian freelance WordPress developer in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, NSW. If you see something in a post that you can't manage yourself, contact me for a free quote.

Installing Behat 3 / Mink / Selenium for Browser Testing – Windows – Part 2

Did you miss Part 1? Behat is a tool you can use to automate testing of your website with behaviour driven tests. Sample FeatureContext.php The FeatureContext.php is the file holding your custom test commands. In your file structure, it is at D:\Behat\features\bootstrap\FeatureContext.php. This is what mine looks like. Including in full because this was one [...]

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Installing Behat 3 / Mink / Selenium for Browser Testing – Windows – Part 1

Introduction This post stands on the shoulders of this helpful post by Gnaritas which got me almost all of the way there. I found the opposite to Gnaritas in terms of which browser driver worked. I found the Chrome browser driver kept crashing and the Firefox (Gecko) driver worked fine. Behat is a PHP “behavior-driven development” [...]

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z-index being set to 1 by grunt cssnano postcss process

Using grunt to compile sass, concatenate and minify, I discovered z-index entries were being set to 1. This is a known issue with cssnano. See https://github.com/ben-eb/gulp-cssnano/issues/10 and https://github.com/ben-eb/gulp-cssnano/issues/14. In the readme for cssnano, it says: Note that cssnano enables aggressive optimisations by default, which might not always be what you want. Set `options.safe` to `true` if [...]

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JavaScript – tracking a button click or download event with Google Analytics and Avada

Under normal circumstances, you can code your link so that it includes an onclick Javascript event that can fire a Google Analytics function. WordPress page builder plugins tend not to play nicely with this in my experience. I've found a way around it that works for me. I wanted to track how many times my Direct [...]

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JavaScript – set checkboxes in groups to select “all” or remove “all” for use with filters

For use with multiple sets of Isotope filters. Select "all" by default, but if a filter is selected then remove the checkbox selection from all. If no filters are selected, choose "all" for the particular data-group. There is a dependency on the jQuery version. New versions of jQuery use prop to set the checkbox to [...]

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Maps API – Script for getting map coordinates from street address in a Google Sheet

This script is to get latitude/longitude coordinates from street addresses listed in a table in a Google Sheet. I found it a bit challenging to cobble together this script from various others, in particular navigating the results object. See how it goes for you. Paste it into the Google Sheets script editor. Before you use [...]

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WordPress – Customise BACS display for WooCommerce on Thankyou Page and emails

The default BACS display for WooCommerce wasn't working for me, based in Australia where the end user expects to see Bank name: ING BSB: 923-100 Account name: Melissa Freeman Account number: 12345678 I discovered that to change/customise how your BACS settings are displayed requires you to create a plugin. I'm indebted to the user on StackOverflow who [...]

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WordPress – remove additional intermediate media sizes

I have been using the Avada theme quite happily for a few of my sites, up until I noticed what it was doing to the uploads folder! I kid you not, the theme was creating an additional 13 intermediate image sizes, in the class-avada-init.php file. This is in addition to the three sizes created by [...]