Magento :: Images showing on frontend but not backend

In a Magento project, I bulk deleted all images to start again. I thought I accomplished this by deleting all images from /media/catalog/product, and all records from tables catalog_product_entity_media_gallery and catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value. However there was one step I missed, and that led to phantom images that appeared on the frontend (in the category view and product view), while [...]

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Magento :: Installing Magmi to Bulk Import Products

Acknowledgement - I have to say I wouldn't have even installed Magmi without the contribution of Raymond from Blinkdata. I couldn't find any other helpful documentation online. I'm adding my $0.02 now to fill in the gaps between finding and downloading Magmi, and successfully uploading 1000 simple products and their associated 100 configurable products. Search [...]

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Magento :: Configurable Products – Remove ‘Choose an Option…’ without touching Javascript

If you have configurable products for Magento, and one of the super product attributes only has one option, the default "Choose an Option..." is a big fat negative for useability, and guaranteed to tick off your end user. I had this issue and spent an hour hunting through different blogs for a solution, and all of [...]

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Magento :: Configurable Products – Bulk Change Order of Attributes/Options

After you've made your configurable product with more than one option, changing the order is simple. 1. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products > 2. Select your configurable product record. 3. Associated Products tab. 4. Scroll down to Super Product Attributes Configuration. 5. Use the little orange arrows to move the attributes higher or lower. [...]

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