The default BACS display for WooCommerce wasn’t working for me, based in Australia where the end user expects to see

Bank name: ING
BSB: 923-100
Account name: Melissa Freeman
Account number: 12345678

I discovered that to change/customise how your BACS settings are displayed requires you to create a plugin.

I’m indebted to the user on StackOverflow who had this problem before me. I’m saving it here in case someone from Australia can benefit from it too, or if you can’t follow the instructions on StackOverflow. You can download the plugin I made at the bottom of this page.

NB: It accesses the same settings as the BACS payment option, just outputs it differently to emails and to the Thankyou screen.

The payment option is called “Customised Direct Deposit” within the WooCommerce settings.

If you wish to customise the output further, lines 284-318 of the plugin file are where the output happens. I added in bank name and account name to the array that is output as a list by WooCommerce, instead of having them as a heading, which looked weird to my customer and me. Now they all display in a table together.

Output on the Thankyou screen in checkout (not my real account number, okay?):

WooCommerce checkout options (on the payments tab of settings):

Customised Direct Deposit settings:

After you download the plugin, add it via your WordPress back end and activate it. Then go to your WooCommerce Checkout settings. Enable Customised Direct Deposit as a payment option. Disable BACS. You’ll see that all your BACS settings are being accessed by the new payment option. Test the checkout and see how the styling looks.