Under normal circumstances, you can code your link so that it includes an onclick Javascript event that can fire a Google Analytics function.

WordPress page builder plugins tend not to play nicely with this in my experience.

I’ve found a way around it that works for me.

I wanted to track how many times my Direct Deposit plugin is being downloaded, as it’s one of my most visited pages. I’ve made it generic in case I want to use it on another page. It uses the ID #track-me, which is easy to attach to any element, no matter which page builder you might be using, in my case Avada’s Fusion Builder.

Paste the following into the custom Javascript area of your theme. I put it in the footer or after the body tag. The console.log lines can be commented out.

    try {
            console.log('#track-me click fired.');
            ga('send', 'event', 'Zip', 'download', jQuery('#track-me').attr('title'), {
                nonInteraction: true
            console.log('#track-me ga event sent.');
    } catch(err) {

Proof that it works.

Realtime GA Events