Acknowledgement – I have to say I wouldn’t have even installed Magmi without the contribution of Raymond from Blinkdata. I couldn’t find any other helpful documentation online. I’m adding my $0.02 now to fill in the gaps between finding and downloading Magmi, and successfully uploading 1000 simple products and their associated 100 configurable products.

Search for “bulk import products” and “magento”, and it won’t be long before you come across Magmi, the fast, the powerful, and the free! I worked with Magmi version 0.19.17a, downloaded from Sourceforge, and Magento

To install Magmi

Download the ZIP file from Sourceforge.

Unzip and upload to a new folder on your website. For example, Or perhaps a better idea might be

Upload your CSV import files to /var/import.

Browse to


Fill in the Magento database settings at #1 and then click #2.

Scroll down to Configure Current Profile. This is where you create your first import profile. I’d suggest a particular category of product? At any rate, enter the name next to Copy Selected Profile To, then click the button “Copy Profile and Switch“.

One more step before you can start importing – scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Save Profile“. I found this particular button difficult to find. You must always save your profile after making changes.

You can see there are lots of options for Magmi. The two which I have been using are:

– Generic mapper – allows using the name of attributes for sorting, rather than a numerical ID

– Configurable item processor – allows bulk import for configurable items.