Magento :: Images showing on frontend but not backend

In a Magento project, I bulk deleted all images to start again. I thought I accomplished this by deleting all images from /media/catalog/product, and all records from tables catalog_product_entity_media_gallery and catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value. However there was one step I missed, and that led to phantom images that appeared on the frontend (in the category view and product view), while [...]

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Magento :: Installing Magmi to Bulk Import Products

Acknowledgement - I have to say I wouldn't have even installed Magmi without the contribution of Raymond from Blinkdata. I couldn't find any other helpful documentation online. I'm adding my $0.02 now to fill in the gaps between finding and downloading Magmi, and successfully uploading 1000 simple products and their associated 100 configurable products. Search [...]

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Magento :: Configurable Products – Bulk Change Order of Attributes/Options

After you've made your configurable product with more than one option, changing the order is simple. 1. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products > 2. Select your configurable product record. 3. Associated Products tab. 4. Scroll down to Super Product Attributes Configuration. 5. Use the little orange arrows to move the attributes higher or lower. [...]

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