WordPress – Customise BACS display for WooCommerce on Thankyou Page and emails

The default BACS display for WooCommerce wasn't working for me, based in Australia where the end user expects to see Bank name: ING BSB: 923-100 Account name: Melissa Freeman Account number: 12345678 I discovered that to change/customise how your BACS settings are displayed requires you to create a plugin. I'm indebted to the user on StackOverflow who [...]

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WordPress – adding drop-shadow to the Bootstrap nav-menu

Sometimes, I come across free coding tools that are brilliant. CSSMatic has a box-shadow tool that lets you play with different CSS settings to find the perfect drop-shadow, then spits out the CSS for you. Fiddling with these settings, I came up with this for my navbar-fixed-top drop shadow. .navbar-fixed-top { -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 10px 5px [...]

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WordPress – Bootstrap + WordPress settings API

Lately I've been getting my hands dirty with Bootstrap, in particular with a Bootstrap starter framework at Bootswatch. The number of built-in elements is impressive. No wonder the WordPress themes I've used recently have proudly declared "built on Bootstrap". Bootstrap used as it's meant to be used is elegant and beautiful responsive coding. It wasn't the [...]

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